Laser Cutting Wood

Laser Cutting Wood

Are you looking for a laser that can engrave or cut various or a specific type of wood. The good news is that wood is a wonderfully versatile material and is easily processed with a laser. In fact a Boss Laser enables you to create impressive, intricate designs in almost any type of wood.

Laser machines powered by CO2 are more than capable of processing wooden objects of different sizes and densities as well. We see a lot of different items processed that our clients create such as decorative items, toys, plaques, artistic craft work, awards, souvenirs, Christmas decorations, gifts, signage, architectural and toy models, puzzles, maps, and intricate wood inlays. What you can create is limited by your imagination.

What Types of Wood Can a Boss CO2 Laser Cut or Engrave?

  • Soft & Hard Woods
  • Alder Wood
  • Poplar
  • Beechwood
  • Fine Wood
  • Cherry Wood
  • MDF
  • Solid Timber
  • Maple Wood
  • Veneer
  • Balsa Wood
  • Cedar Wood
  • Exotic Wood
  • Cork
  • Natural Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Hickory

How does a laser process material?

A focused laser beam of light reaches a temperature that enables the beam to cleanly evaporate the wood. This sublimation process is evident through smoke escaping while the wood is being processed. Since the laser does not exert pressure on the wood during processing it does not need to fasten or clamped to the work table saving processing time from one piece to the next. When cutting or engraving wood higher processing speeds will help contribute to a cleaner edge. One of the main benefits of CO2 powered lasers is that the beam can engrave or cut with extreme detail and accurate edges, even if processing complex designs with odd shapes and sizes. Since no wood chips are created during processing the time-consuming post-production cleaning process is dramatically reduced.

How thick of wood can a CO2 laser cut through?

Multiple factors are at work here but generally speaking a CO2 laser with 50 watts of power is more than capable of cleanly laser cutting thru 1/4″ wood (in a single pass) and up to 3/4″ with 150 watts. Factors such as the speed of the laser and the type of wood being processed will alter a lasers wood cutting ability. As an example Cherry and Walnut can require up to 25% more cutting power compared to Maple. And solid oak often requires even more. We have a lot of experience with processing woods and have material processing charts you can use as a starting point.

Can any type of wood be cut and engraved with the laser ?

Wood is an organic or natural material and is easily processed using a CO2 powered laser. However, factors within each type of wood will contribute to how the laser reacts such as the woods resin, content, and density and can dramatically effect the finished result. Soft woods including pines, cedar, or balsa wood will often require a reduction in laser power or increasing the laser head speed so as to prevent burn marks. On the other hand hard woods need a higher laser power or slower speeds to effectively process. Woods that are manufactured like OSB plywood or MDF that are made up of glued wood pieces or fibers will need the aid of compressed air to process thicker sheets which is included on the Boss HP lines.