Laser Photo Etching

Laser processing photos and images onto stone, wood, acrylic or even metal offers a one of a kind finished product. You don’t have to settle for the stamped out, typical gift when you can utterly amaze by laser engraving unique and personal photos and designs instead.

How does laser engraving photos work?

Simply use your PC to open the laser interface or your favorite graphic software, second – upload your image whether its a design or photo. Third – if you want you can add unique text or color to further personalize the image. Finally, press print and let the laser ‘print’ the image onto your material of choice. Photo etching is the process whereby photos are laser etched or rasterized (similar to that of printing), onto a select material. A CO2 laser engraver is more than capable of efficiently processing scanned images (using multiple file types) for the sole purpose of laser etching or marking detailed family photos, design, or logos onto most any material surface.
The finished results can be stunning. Some of the more common materials that fiber or CO2 lasers can photo etch include:
  • Ceramic
  • Corian
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Alumamark
  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Leather
Laser Engraving Images 3.0
  • If you really want to make images and photos ‘pop’ one trick is to take a grayscale clipart image and rater engrave it to wood. Laser engraving grayscaled images creates a three dimensional shading effect that is even more pronounced when the material of choice is balsa, cherry or alder wood.
  • Wood is an incredibly rewarding material to laser process since you can adjust the speed or power settings to render darker or lighter contrasts. The higher resolution photo the better but clarity on wood offers surprising detail with as little as 300 DPI engraving.
  • More importantly, however, photos will raster with much more clarity when the image is first processed through a specialty software like PhotoGRAV.
  • Traditionally, etching photos has been hit or miss in terms of producing a quality etched image resulting in a lot of wasted material. In many cases the task has been so difficult that even engraving shops will not engrave photos for customers. That’s where this laser engraving image software can really make a difference.
  • Boss Laser offers the laser system to get you going but if you’re interested in taking laser engraved images to the next level then you’ll want to check out Boss’ latest version of PhotoGRAV 3.1. It’s easy, automated, and interactive and compatible with CorelDraw. The images on this page have been etched using this popular software.